12 Different Income Streams with a Blog


Who doesn’t want an additional income stream?

We all do!

At TheBloggingBox, we talk about side hustles and passive income all the time. After all, side hustles have significantly improved our financial situations, and for some of us, they have even grown profitable enough to become full-time businesses.

For several reasons, blogging is one of our favorite side hustle and a way to multiple online income streams. While any profitable side hustle is beneficial, blogging is particularly advantageous because it allows you to write about your passions and make money simultaneously.

How cool is that?

Online Business Idea: Maintaining a blog is inexpensive plus passive income streams safeguards financial freedom | TheBloggingBox.com

Yup!In addition, starting and maintaining a blog is inexpensive. Plus, having several passive income streams safeguards your financial situation.When you create multiple income streams, you aren’t ‘putting all your eggs in one basket; hence it’s fine if some of them break or experience a drop in profit. Multiple income streams are like insurance for tough times.

There are various ways to create income streams for bloggers, and I’ve listed 12 of them below.

1) Content That’s Sponsored

 Ever heard of Sponsored Content? Well… Writing Sponsored posts or content for an advertiser is a popular way to generate blogging income. In most cases, a blogger writes a post about a company’s product or service in exchange for payment.

Sponsored content is a relatively new and effective way for businesses to promote and sell products. The best part about writing sponsored content (for bloggers) is choosing which brands they want to write for.

Credible bloggers will only partner with and recommend brands that they use. The Federal Trade Commission has strict guidelines for disclosing sponsored content, which helps everyone stay honest about what they’re selling.

2) Promotional Banners


Advertising is probably the most common source of revenue for bloggers. Allowing advertising agencies to place small blocks of ads on your website is known as banner advertising. You are paid per click, and if someone purchases a product after clicking on an advertisement, you are paid a small commission. While this isn’t the most lucrative source of income, it is worthwhile because it is a very passive way to earn money. You won’t have to do much else once the ads are up and running.

Google Adsense is almost universally available to new bloggers. However, numerous advertising companies are willing to pay a premium for their advertisements for more prominent bloggers.

3) Writing Freelance

While freelance writing does not imply that you can make money directly from your blog, it is another option that you can pursue by starting one. One of my favorite sources of income is freelance writing.

If you want to make money writing freelance, I highly recommend starting a blog in the niche you want to write about. A blog is an ever-evolving portfolio of your work. A blog also demonstrates to potential clients that you are comfortable writing for an online audience and familiar with the fundamentals of SEO, coding, and social media optimization.

Note from the editor: As someone who has been hiring freelance writers for more than four years, I don’t even consider writers who don’t have blogs. Having a blog demonstrates that you are serious about writing and have the discipline to produce content regularly. Starting a blog is the critical first step if you want to write freelance.

You can learn more on How To Do Profitable Blog Marketing For Small Businesses?

4) Photography or Photo Editing

Photography is an art form, and for those who take their blog photos, it can also be a source of additional revenue.Your blog serves as a portfolio of your best work like your freelance writing. You can sell pictures as stock images to clients or edit and design ideas for them.

5) Blog Consultation

Some people have great content and ideas for blogs, but they don’t know how to put them together or market them. There is work for you if you have a strong understanding of creating and launching a blog.

Consider all of your family and friends enthralled by your blog or other blogs but are hesitant to start their own because they are intimidated by the required knowledge. You can earn money by teaching them and other clients.

6) Editing and Proofreading

Prominent bloggers are always looking for more editors and proofreaders to join their ranks. You can make money proofreading if you have a blog and excellent writing and editing skills.

Starting as a proofreader, you can expect to earn $15-20 per hour.

7) Affiliate Marketing

 By incorporating an affiliate marketing strategy into your blog, you can generate additional revenue. To summarise, affiliate marketing is when you link a product or service on your blog and earn a commission from clicks and purchases.

You can join individual affiliate networks, similar to advertising, to find opportunities that will work for your blog topic. Amazon, ShareaSale, RewardStyle, and LinkShare are some of the most popular affiliate networks.

Please remember that you must disclose it in your blog post to comply with FTC guidelines using affiliate marketing.

8) Product Development and Distribution

You have the ideal platform to sell online if you have a blog. Perhaps you’ve written a book or an ebook or have artwork to sell. You can sell everything directly from your blog.

Your blog receives good traffic each month, and potential customers already see your product. It’s just figuring out how to sell it to them now.

9) Speaking in Public

Many well-known bloggers have established themselves as authorities in their fields. As a result, they are frequently invited to give public speeches, whether on the news, at college, or at conferences.

Frequently, you can charge public speaking fees in exchange for free travel. The best part is that you may get paid to give a public speech while promoting your blog. It’s a win-win situation.

10) Assisting Virtually

Running your blog demonstrates that you can work remotely on a variety of tasks. You can apply those skills to help others by assisting them with their business, blog, or website.

Virtual assisting services are paid for. Photo editing, proofreading, managing social media accounts, organizing meetings, and booking travel is some of the responsibilities of a virtual assistant.

11) Creating a Course

Creating a Course

Courses are often overlooked sources of income but can be very profitable.

You can do a course on any subject you want. It could be a broad or particular topic. While you must understand the course topic to teach it, you do not need to be an expert. Furthermore, you can make them self-guided with courses, allowing students to purchase the system and complete it at their own pace. As a result, it’s a profitable side hustle and a relatively passive source of income.

12) Marketing and Social Media Consultation

Marketing and Social Media Consultation
Concept of digital diagram,graph interfaces,virtual screen,connections icon on blurred background.Coworking team meeting

If you love social media marketing and your blog’s primary focus, you can share your knowledge by teaching others.

While social media is an integral blogging part, it can quickly become overwhelming. Time spent on social media won’t feel like it’s paying off if someone doesn’t have an effective strategy in place. Many people are looking for a social media consultant and are willing to pay for it.

Do you want to start making money online by blogging? Follow this step-by-step guide to get your blog up and running in under ten minutes!

Have you started your blog yet? What revenue streams have you established as a result of your blog?

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