The Future of Blogging – Is it worth starting a Blog in 2024?


After writing my first article on blogging history, I have every reason to believe that the future of blogging is as bright as the sun.

As of now, 77% of internet users read blogs. If somebody thinks that blogging is dead then they are mistaken. Blogging is very much alive! It is here to stay and grow much bigger than it is now.

Where do we stand? | The Future of Blogging

The graph shows that since January 2012 the number of internet users has been growing constantly. Just from Jan 2015 till Jan 2022 we see an increase of more than 2 billion users.

As of January 2022, this figure has reached 4.95 billion; which is around 62.5% of the global population.

Where are we headed? | The Future of Blogging

It is just a matter of time before the whole world will have internet. And with the growing number of internet users, those who read blogs will also grow.

In this article, I am going to share & analyze some very key statistics coming from some of the biggest names in the digital marketing industry.

But first, let’s take a little peek into the past.

History of Literacy

Humans have been into reading & writing since 3500 BC; I don’t think they are stopping anytime soon.

According to Tech Jury, 77% of internet users read blogs….. Let’s run a double-check!

According to the blogging statistics published by 99 FIRMS; upto 60% of internet users are regular blog readers, and from them:

  • 39% of them read a blog post 1-3 times per week.
  • 10% 4-6 times per week,
  • and 11% read blogs every day.

99 FIRMS has listed several key stats that give insight into the growing blogging industry.

I will leave out stats that are not relevant to my topic right now.

Blogging Statistic Analysis

Starting at number 3…

Marketers are intelligent people. And if 89% of them are using blogs, then they are doing it for a reason. It bears results.

Number 4 is quite astonishing and great news.

It means a good flow of fresh talent is constantly entering the blogging community to replace those who retire from it.

If 34% of the bloggers are new, people like me who are just starting have a much better chance than we initially thought.

Stat Number 7 confirms better ROI

If blogging gives marketers thirteen times better success opportunities in terms of an ROI for their clients, it means that blogging directly impacts retail.

According to an eMarketer | Insider Intelligence forecast, in 2022 US retail ecommerce sales are expected to grow 16.1%, reaching $1.06 trillion. Whereas B2B ecommerce website sales may reach close to $1.77 trillion increasing by 12% in one year.

The stats below show that eCommerce sales worldwide have experienced steady growth since 2014 and is expected to cross $654 Billion by 2023.

E-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.

Furthermore, Statista confirms…

A constant increase in the number of digital buyers in the last 7 years, from 2014 to 2021.

E-commerce share of total global retail sales has also seen constant growth since 2015.

According to a GroupM forecast, online sales will hit $7 trillion by 2024, around 25% of all retail sales. And by 2027, they will reach $10 trillion globally.

eMarketer | Insider Intelligence has estimated that since the $4 trillion milestones for retail eCommerce sales worldwide were easily beaten in 2020, in 2022 we can achieve $5 trillion.

And by 2024 this figure could be at $6 trillion; taking the global eCommerce retail share to 21.8% in 2024 which was at 18% in 2020.

So, the top estimate for global eCommerce retail share is at 25%. Let’s pick the lowest figure, 21.8%, and even round that up to 20%.

20% of sales will be online by 2024, which promises an even better potential for [affiliate marketers], meaning bloggers.

How is Blogging relevant to Retail?

Blogging with the help of social media helps initiate relationships with prospects and potential customers. Plus it also helps make the existing customer more loyal to your brand. and secure loyalty from existing ones.

Because blog posts allow comments it gives the audience a chance to raise concerns more easily. And a positive quick response to those concerns leaves an everlasting impression on the customer adding value to their overall experience with your business making them feel that your business really cares about them.

A retail blog can give a competitive advantage by boosting your brand visibility and offering expert advice to your target audience. Plus a well-managed and regularly updated blog will ensure a steady flow of engaging content for your prospects driving more traffic to your online shop.

According to an online US platform for supplier discovery and product sourcing, Thomas…


According to Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report consumers turn to blogs when looking to make a purchase because they are considered the fifth-most trustworthy source among all other sources of information on the internet.


Back to 99 Firms

Stat Numbers 8 to 10 are about the importance of blogging in relevance to SEO, search engine page ranking, and website traffic. And it is important that professional bloggers other than creating valuable content for their loyal readers should also give importance to SEO.

If you want to be a content king and wish to have your small kingdom in the global blogosphere then you need backlinks. A lot of them are because search engines love inbound or backlinks.

Backlinks are formed when one site references another site when stating something, and includes a hyperlink on some part of the text.

In the images below are some great backlink examples by Backlinko.




Backlinks are a crucial factor for search engine optimization and a great way to be identified as an authority site and boost domain authority.

You may read my blog post ‘Backlinks: Backlinking Basics Plus 5 Best Practices to Successful Backlink Building’ to know more about the topic.

Stat Number 9: 434% More Indexed Pages

The process of making your page appear in search engine results is called indexing.

Successfully indexing results in an increase in traffic, plus it helps your newly published content be discovered more quickly.

Stat Number 10: 55% More Traffic

Even when people are not searching for products or services to buy on Google, they search for information and answers to their questions.

Quality content websites that have that information available in the form of a blog section or blog pages are bound to increase visitors.

ThePoint Is Simple

Better SEO means better chances of being found by your reader on google.

Better chances of being found in search results mean more clicks and traffic to your website.

Increased traffic means two things: more Google Ads revenue and more conversions.

Now, Stat Numbers 13 to 16 are about readership and require some analysis. So let’s begin.

Stat Number 13: 60% of Internet Users Are Blog Readers



Out of the 60% (I mentioned these stats before but let’s just quickly do it again), 39% are frequent readers; reading upto three times a week, 10% read blogs 4 to 6 times a week and 11% (probably like me) read them on daily basis.

Now, look at it this way.

Even if the remaining 40% choose to remain nonreaders and blog readership never crosses the 60% mark, even then the total number of people using the internet is bound to increase with time; increasing the total number of readers with it.

For example, if today we have a Billion people using the internet and 600 million are readers and 400 million are not.

Then tomorrow, when the number of internet users reaches 2 Billion, keeping the same 60/40 ratio, we will have 1.2 Billion readers instead of 600 Million, even if the nonreaders are at 800 Million.

Stat Number 14: Preference of 70% of consumers



Inbound marketing is winning against outbound marketing.

Digital advertisement cost is at their all-time high. Big brands and businesses pay top prices for instant top google search ranking. And these prices will keep on increasing; as the number of internet users, online shoppers, and eCommerce retailers increase.

Many brands have already seen it coming; hence, to have a more feasible and long-term marketing strategy, they have started investing in blogging and inbound marketing; to grow their ranking organically.

With time more brands and businesses will realize the importance of blogging which is the most essential content marketing strategy. This whole realization will automatically increase the need to content creation to meet the growing need for content consumption; which will increase the need for content creators such as bloggers.

Stat Number 15: 34% read to learn new things.

Many people have what you call the passion for lifelong learning.

New bloggers only need to figure out one of the multiple things they can teach their readers.

For instance, very soon, I will teach you everything I learn in my journey to being a successful blogger and earning a full-time residual and passive income. So, make sure you [subscribe to my email list] if you have not already.

Stat Number 16: 61% of consumers trust blog reviews



61% of the consumers trust blog recommendations when making their purchases.

This fact confirms the ‘great scope of [affiliate marketing] that we all get to hear at some point during our time in the digital landscape.

As a blogger, you can recommend quality products and services to your readers and earn commissions on every click or sale.

However, at the same time, it should be evident that recommending a lousy product to earn some commission may cost the blog its readers and give a nasty hit to its revenue.

But if you are honest about your recommendations, then this 61% can make you reasonably rich.

Stat Number 19: 60% of 55-year-olds would be interested in News Type Post



I think with age our reading also happens mature.

These stats would favor me or anybody who loves to research to keep themselves updated; and also love to share a wealth of information with others.

News-type posts are my thing for sure.



This information is gold.

Writing a blog is one thing, but knowing when to publish it is another.

So what is the best time to publish your blog?

The best time is when your readers prefer to read it. (Eastern time between 7 am and 1 pm. And between 9 to 10 am on weekends.)

Stat Number 21: Importance of Videos


If you want your blog to be extraordinary in user engagement then you must work on videos.

It could be picture slides, animations, doodly, or even something that you can shoot with your phone.

If you want your blog to retain more traffic than others – multimedia content and videos are a must.

Stats Numbers 24 & 25: Write Lengthy Posts That Take Time


A post that is a minimum of 3000 words can have enough detail to cover a fairly broad topic.

Take time to do your research and make content that resonates with your audience’s user personas.

Take time to think, plan, research, and write.

To better understand what ‘User Persona’ is please read my blog post titled ‘How To Identify Your Target Audience?’

Stats Number 26: Be Like The 30%



Time for some basic lessons about life in general.

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”- Heraclitus


And ‘change’ must be for betterment.

Blogging is all about constant learning and improving; as developments are happening every passing second in this digital age. Google updates its algorithms almost every day, however, major changes take place after significant gaps, but consequently, these changes affect content ranking and performance.

Hence, if you are really serious about blogging and want to make it your lifestyle then you must learn to use analytics to check and improve your content performance regularly.

A blogger has to self-learning constantly and then pass on that learning to their readers with their content.

It is the secret to ruling your niche till you finally decide to retire and let others take over.

Subscribe to my email list for more straight tips that nobody else would give you 😉

Coming back to stat number 26; with content consumption constantly rising, no matter what niche you choose to write on it is essential that you do analytics.

And with so many great digital marketing tools available; you would be unfair to yourself if you dont use them for creating and marketing your own content.

As a blogger, you must always keep on optimizing your content for your readers. And for that, you must use analytics. Period.

Stat numbers 27 & 28: Blogging Headlines




These are some key stats for bloggers regarding the type of headline they use.

No matter how good your content is, nobody would see it unless they click on the link that would take them to it.

The first thing your readers will see is your blog headline; because of which an essential part of your job is to make your headline compelling enough to get that first click.

According to Optin Monster, 59% of people first share content and then read it.

Secondly, use question marks. 23% is a good number.

Shares can boost traffic and eventually revenue.

If you are a blogger or blog occasionally for your small or micro business reading this then here are 42 Headline Hacks plus some handy tips from Neil Patel for creating great headlines.

Stat Numbers 29, 30, & 31: Publish Frequently | How-to Articles | Images

Publishing frequency while following a routine is the right mix.


For instance, if you are publishing a post once a week then make sure to do it every week; without break. Similarly, the day you decide and start to post daily then make sure you do it daily.

Write ‘How-to’ articles whenever and as many as you can.

One great way of creating engaging content is by using images, such as infographics that you can create for free using tools like Canva.

If you have never written a blog in your life but this whole concept excites you to make you believe that you can too write then you must write a [guest blogging] for us?

This will allow you to experiment with blogging and make your decision on whether you want to make it a full-time profession or not.

If you begin to love blogging as I did; then I and my team will help you plan your blog in a way that will be a sure shot of success.

Stat Number 33: Make SEO a priority


If you are already taking the trouble to do in-depth research on a topic to develop quality content, then make sure that it reaches your desired target audience.

There are two ways to do that.

You either use social media to drive traffic to your blog post or do everything it takes to make it rank and be easily found on google.

SEO is a must for taking the second option.

Read this guide by HubSpot on optimizing your blog post.

Stat Number 34: Ways to Grow Traffic




Other than doing SEO, make sure to use the other two means also to grow your traffic.

Make sure to create your presence on every social media platform where your audience is expected to visit to drive that audience to your website.

Make sure to include CTA’s and Lead Magnets within your blog posts to grow your emailing list; to start sharing your blog posts via email. You can set up an email marketing campaign using a tool like Moosend; which is free for up to 1000 email contacts. And even afterward as your list grows it will cost less compared to a similar tool such as Mailchimp.

Stat Number 35: Keep Your Blog Posts Current




According to Optin Monster, only 38% of bloggers are updating their older articles; and 34% are happy with the results.

Refurbish your old content to:-

  • Strengthen your idea
  • Enhance organic visibility
  • Reach new audiences

Stat Numbers 39, 40, and 41: Monetizing Your Blog

The future of blogging looks brighter than the sun. Bloggers are multiplying at a rapid speed. In the last ten years, netizens have witnessed a climb from 22 million blog sites in 2014 to almost 32 million in 2020.

It is all relevant to the growth in the number of internet users, online buyers, and online retailers.

And out of these 32 million, the majority, which is ⅔ around 21.3 million, is strictly focused on making money through their blogs. However, only 31% of those 32 million, around 9.9 Million Bloggers, are making any revenue at all from blogging.

To make an earning from a blog site it is essential to have a monetization plan first before you launch. Please read my blog post on how to make money blogging. In the said post you will; learn about ten different ways that you can earn from your blog site as soon as you go live. And gradually you can grow that earning till your blog site becomes sustainable.

Stat Number 45: Blogger’s Age Range

I am 42 years old. And just being able to visualize the future of blogging, I am glad that I love to write.

Maybe you too would want to start a blog without investing much time and money, but just starting it won’t get you anywhere.

My advice is that before you create content for your new blog site it is more important to first realize the true potential and the future of blogging; so you can work out a solid plan for it.

Make sure to sketch your roadmap keeping the monetization factor in your mind; at all times.

Invest the time, effort, and even some money wherever and whenever it’s needed; to add value to your work and create content that your audience would read, love, and follow. Content that resonates with your audience and caters to their user intent.

With 32 million blogs out there, only sufficient quantity with the highest quality will make your blog stand out.

Now… Where to Blog?

Blog Site Vs. Social Media Platforms

Dream Scribe states a very valid point. Put your time and effort into something that you have control over.

Instagram bloggers and content creators recently had a horrible experience when the network updated its algorithms in 2019.

Instead of completely relying on Social Forums it is far better to have your own site to publish your blogs. The reason is that when you are only publishing on social forums owned by third parties then you are actually handing over all your eggs to them. For instance, if tomorrow Mark Zuckerberg, decides to change the rules of Facebook & Instagram then those new rules from Mark will be deciding your fate.

It’s always better to have your life and destiny in your own control.

The one simple point is that you dont own Instagram, but you will own your blog site. And the rule is that to control your content and growth you must own the blog site where it is published; use social networks like Instagram or Medium as a secondary place to publish and share your own website blogs with your set of audiences on those platforms.

Future of Business Blogging

Businesses have never relied on blogging in history as much as now. The reasons are simple. Firstly, content marketing is growing as more and more businesses are establishing themselves online. Secondly, blogging with time has proven to be an essential factor itself to be the best way to drive traffic to a website.

Most importantly, businesses know that traffic is directly related to sales and revenue. 68.5% of consumers are already saying that blogs build credibility.

With time more brands will require a content marketing strategy and more bloggers to write sponsored content. This content will provide them with the backlink opportunities they need for enhanced search engine optimization and google ranking.

Plus, it will also help boost their website’s domain authority.

Bottom line

What does the future of blogging hold?

The way I see it, old-school blogging will never die. However, with time it will keep evolving and growing stronger.

Here are some factors that you must consider.

The potential for monetization will grow for internet marketers, but so will competition.

You’ll need to create high-quality content, establish niche authority, and build a strong brand.

To succeed, you will need to employ multimedia and multi-channel digital marketing strategies, such as promoting your content through social media posts on various social media platforms.

Video content will gain more popularity over time—it’s better to set up a YouTube channel on the side to compliment your blog. And while you create content try to include a short video within your blog post. These videos add tremendous value that really enhances user engagement and experience.

In near future, AI and machine learning will contribute a lot to content creation; and to be successful, you must know and stay updated with the latest tech, trends, tools, as well as all future insights relevant to your niche and industry.

Your keywords power your SEO. Do proper keyword research to ensure your content is found quickly. Know the difference between Long Tail Keywords VS Short Tail, to use them correctly in your campaigns.

Create the presence of your blog on all relevant social media platforms where your audience is found. Other than Instagram, Medium, and Twitter which are themselves microblogging platforms Linkedin is an excellent place to find professional links and readers from various industries. It works ideal for B2B blogging.

Even Facebook is a great place to create a page and various groups to find and grow your niche readers or potential customers, and divert them to your blogging website whenever you need them.

To establish your blog site as an authoritative brand you must create backlinks.

And you can always reach out to me if you need any help as I will really be very happy to assist you wherever I can. Adios.


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